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Ready to Plan, Launch and Sell your New Group Offer in 4 weeks? 


and get ready to deliver your group program 30 days from now! 



Online launches are all the rage and with 2022 at the door, it’s time to look ahead and start planning for your next one!

Yet, while everyone is teaching tactics and strategies, nobody is giving you the tools to make a clear plan, take focused action and make it happen like a pro.

And so there you are, thinking of this amazing new group offer you want to create. Maybe it’s a course, or a mastermind or a membership; you got the idea, your methodology is solid, you know your dream clients and you’re determined to deliver your amazing program as soon as possible.

“Yes, I want to launch”

you say, and as you’re sitting at the desk, ready to go, you think to yourself,

“Ok, so, wait… what do I need to do?”

You start overthinking it and that’s when overwhelm comes along and takes over - for the next 6 months - living rent-free in your brain, while your program launch is evicted and forgotten.

And even if you're an action taker and just want to get it all done -- how will you find clarity to take the right actions, keep it efficient and get results, if you have no plan? After all, we all love experimenting in business, but hey, there’s nothing better than having a roadmap and being focused to hit your goals, right?!

What if you had all the tools, templates and worksheets to plan your offer, create the content of your program, write the copy for your launch and make your onboarding and delivery one-of-a-kind? 

No more overwhelm or second-guessing. 

No more last-minute marketing material to create. 

No more postponing the launch of your incredible group offer, just because you’re stuck in the process. 

Simply everything you need to take guided action and make your launch happen!

Introducing the 


Everything you need to plan, launch and deliver your offer in just 30 days! 

This Kit gives you access to templates to create your launch plan and funnel, worksheets to structure your offer and a proven blueprint to write copy for your sales pages and email sequences. And if that wasn’t enough already - you’ll even get our exclusive delivery workbook, which will help you to onboard and manage your clients, with no stress involved! 

And oh, did we mention you can pre-order the All-in-One Launch Kit for $29 only?! 


Pre-order the All-in-One Launch Kit today for $29 only

You will receive the Kit on December 6th 2021 - just on time to work on your first launch of 2022! 







Once you pre-order and complete your purchase, you will receive an email with the instructions to access your account and automatically receive the kit on its launch day. 

But wait -- there’s more!

By pre-ordering the Kit now, you will get an amazing two amazing bonuses: 

Paty’s course “2022 Planning Mastery” (standard price $497)

Rosie's "Stories that Sell" Mini Guide (standard price $47)


Happy Clients

Wow, having a step-by-step structure and a template makes writing copy so easy now!

Tracy C.

Wow! I finally have a step-by-step action plan for every launch, and my onboarding has never been so organized and clear. I love it - and my clients do too!

Barbara W.

This gave me structure to write strategically, so I could build authority in my niche

Charles T.

What’s included in the All-in-One Launch Kit? 

This Kit gives you tools, templates and a week by week walkthrough, to plan, launch and deliver your new one-to-many offer. 


Mini Guide to Structure your New Group Program

A great step-by-step file to ensure your group offer gives your customers the best results only. It works for courses, mastermind and group coaching programs!

Template for Program Content Creation

Say buh-bye to overwhelm! This template is the perfect solution if you’re struggling to create, record and organise the content for your program.

Launch Plan Template

Got the idea, got the material - time to plan your launch with this unique template.


Funnel Flow Worksheet

If you feel lost every time you think about your funnel and you keep finding gaps in your audience journey, this template will put an end to all of that by giving you the moving parts needed to create an amazing funnel!

Sign Up Page Copy Template

Running a webinar or a challenge to launch your new program? This template gives you a script to create a great sign-up page for your event.

Script and Templates for Email Sequences

From the engagement sequence for your event (webinar, challenge, etc) to the sales sequence that will make you big money, the Kit will give you access to the blueprint that creates 5- and 6-figure launches for our clients!

Sales Page Copy Template

Scared and frustrated when it comes to sales pages? This template will remove the overwhelm and make writing copy easy-peasy.

Tech Stack Checklist

Raise your hand if you shriek every time you think about all the tech involved in your launch and delivery of your new offer! How about a checklist to keep it all under control and make sure you don’t miss a thing?


Welcome Pack + Onboarding Guide

How do you guarantee your clients have an amazing start with you? Easy, you create an amazing onboarding experience that gives both you and them clarity and peace of mind!

Communication Plan + Client Management Checklist

Ever wondered why some group programs have clients who are raving fans and list incredible results? It all comes down to how you manage, engage and support them throughout your delivery! This checklist will help you to do all of that and more.

Offboarding and Upsell Template

What happens at the end of your program? The Kit gives you a template to offboard your clients and/or walk them into your next program -- no stress, no fuss, buttercup!

You can tell we weren’t joking when we named this bundle the

‘All-in-One Launch Kit’, right?

And wait -- there’s more!

Pre-order your Kit till December 6th to get two extra bonuses:


Paty’s course “2022 Planning Mastery” (standard price $497)

The only course you will ever need to create a roadmap and turn your 2022 financial goal into real success!


Rosie's "Stories that Sell" Mini guide (standard price $47)

The Mini guide will help learn how to convert more through the power of storytelling and it will teach you how to craft 3 money-making stories every business needs. 

Pre-order the Kit and start 2022 with your new offer out in the world! 


Oh hey, nice to meet you!

We’re Paty Soares and Rosie Di Lecce and we’re the brains behind the All-in-One Launch Kit. 

We’re on a mission to support as many business owners as possible creating, launching and delivering their one-to-many services -- with no stress and overwhelm, that is! 

For years we’ve been following and helping our clients individually to unlock and sell their offers and in 2021, after a string of joint projects, we’ve decided to make things official and bring our impact to the next level! 

With the All-in-One Launch Kit we wanted to create an affordable, complete solution that gives business owners guidance, an action plan and all the elements they need to stop overthinking and procrastinating and finally get that offer out in just 30 days! 

Here’s a few more details about us:  

Paty is a strategic consultant who helps creative entrepreneurs make quicker and smarter business decisions that lead to growth. With her no-fluff, action-driven approach, she helps coaches build and deliver a high-quality group program, so they can adopt a one-to-many model and scale with ease.

Rosie is an expert when it comes to Persuasive Communication and Marketing and she currently works with business owners who want to make more sales through persuasive copy, and targeted funnels that sell.

We’re excited for you to get the Kit and can’t wait to see you making waves with your new program! 


  • You want to launch a new group program (course, mastermind, membership, group coaching or training), but you feel overwhelmed and stuck every time you think about launching it

  • You’re an action-taker who’s looking for clarity and a plan to move forward and make it happen

  • You want templates and tools you can tailor and make yours to ensure the best results for your business and your clients

  • You know what you’re supposed to do to create or launch an offer, but have no clue where to start or how to do it


  • You’re not planning to create, launch and deliver a group program of any kind in the near future.

  • You want someone to do it all for you (we have a specific done-for-you service for that and you can learn more about it here)

  • You’re looking for a cookie-cutter approach and are not willing to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will make you standout

  • You’ve successfully launched many group programs with ease before and you’re making gazillions -- I mean, why are you here?! 

  • Happy Clients

    I got exactly what I needed, namely a methodology, a better understanding of how to talk to my audience and the confidence to move forward with my marketing!

    Marion L.

    It’s amazing to have the structure for the content of my group program content. Also, knowing exactly what to do next​​ gave me the opportunity to finally launch after 6 months of procrastination

    Tracy S.

    Launching a new offer can be exhausting

    We hear ya. 

    There’s a lot to do when it comes to putting a new group program out there.

    You need to develop it, plan for it, implement the tech behind it, write copy, be your own marketer and eventually *starts hyperventilating*… deliver it successfully! Pff! 

    We get it, because --

    well, that’s what we do day-in, day-out for our clients! 

    And guess what? 

    The first thing they all say when they come to us for support is, “Ladies, where do I even start?”

    The All-in-One Launch Kit gives you all you need to find clarity, take action and deliver to your clients a fantastic experience.

    By buying the Kit, you will get: 

  • An action plan, so you know exactly what to do, when to do it and how

  • The templates and blueprint to write copy that sells (the same copy our clients have used to run 5- and 6-figure launches!)

  • All the tools to make delivery easy, efficient and aligned to your lifestyle goals

  • What more could you ask for? 


    Planning for a launch, especially without a team, often means wearing many hats - from the business owner, to the project manager to the copywriter and the sales team, etc - and it gets so overwhelming that you end up stuck in indecision, overthinking and procrastination. 

    With the All-in-One Launch Kit, we promise you a new experience.

    Put an end to indecision and move your launch forward with our step by step guide! 


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